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19-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 01:26:37 EDT by sgrunt
Commit 0c776e3ac
Parents: 3873ad615

Move the modified behaviour to a new "resetvel" parameter

18-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 09:19:00 EDT by sgrunt
Commit 3873ad615
Parents: cdbae4b5d

Fix behaviour of VelIntercept's oldvel parameter

Previously Vel would be reset only if the target was moving. This change ensures that Vel is always reset, as seems to be the intent of the oldvel parameter.

19-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 12:21:14 EDT by drfrag
Commit cdbae4b5d
Parents: acd553aa6

  • Fixed crash with voodoo dolls in MP after players quit the game.

19-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 12:04:20 EDT by Blue Shadow
Commit acd553aa6
Parents: 8ef02544a

  • account for KEEPDEPLETED flag when destroying items with InterHubAmount of 0 upon leaving a level

18-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 18:29:19 EDT by James Le Cuirot
Commit 8ef02544a
Parents: 229b06528

Fix camera texture aspect ratio in hardware renderer

It wasn't respecting the map's pixel ratio setting. This wouldn't have been very noticeable with the default pixel ratio of 1.2 but it was very obvious with 1.8.

18-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 13:31:46 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 229b06528
Parents: 3892e42f7

Add missing tag for Strife's KneelingGuy.

18-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 07:29:11 EDT by K0stov
Commit 3892e42f7
Parents: 43937e433

New letter И for Strife

The old one was a simple mirror of the letter N, switching around the proportions. The new variant is designed to look more faithful to the letter it’s based on.

15-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 16:55:03 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 43937e433
Parents: b28e5cb91

Add missing tag for the sub-Entity bosses. This was missed in the previous commit.

15-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 16:03:32 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit b28e5cb91
Parents: 45c1cc8c0

Add GetCharacterName() to retrieve an NPC's name as defined in its dialogue script, if it exists. Otherwise it will just return the same output as GetTag().

15-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 14:45:30 EDT by nashmuhandes
Commit 45c1cc8c0
Parents: 1b3c67ee1

Add tag properties to Strife's enemies.

14-Mar-2021 (Sunday) at 09:01:51 EDT by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 1b3c67ee1
Parents: 5c8417714

  • fixed cross-compilation support

Lemon's post build command aborts configuration step after CMake version bump to 3.1.0 in ba618d308c859f423cf67c8cb368e4b65c15c7bd When CMake version was 2.8.7 the same command produced a warning

CMake Error at tools/lemon/CMakeLists.txt:11 (add_custom_command): TARGET 'lemon' is IMPORTED and does not build here.

14-Mar-2021 (Sunday) at 03:50:42 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 5c8417714
Parents: 798604e6d

  • lower the step size for module master volume to adapt to the altered value range.

14-Mar-2021 (Sunday) at 03:44:30 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 798604e6d
Parents: a80775a1e

  • removed config updates for pre-GZDoom versions of ZDoom.

GZDoom 0.9 had config version 205, so the adapters for 202-204 are not needed.

14-Mar-2021 (Sunday) at 03:40:34 EDT by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a80775a1e
Parents: f0ddc063b

  • adapt mod_dumb_mastervolume to the increased default volume in ZMusic.

13-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 07:11:03 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit f0ddc063b
Parents: fa0be28af

  • do not sort level names in the statistics output when saving.

Instead do this when creating the data to avoid trashing manual edits. The old sorter resorted all data loaded from the old file as well.

13-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 06:21:35 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit fa0be28af
Parents: ae09ca7a4

  • print a message if saving the statistics file fails.

13-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 06:21:07 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ae09ca7a4
Parents: a0cffca3b

  • moved EColorManipulation into the backend.

12-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 02:48:59 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit a0cffca3b
Parents: 3d55c76a8

  • restore accidentally deleted 'testmusicvol' CCMD.

12-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 02:48:00 EST by Christoph Oelckers

Merge branch 'replaygain'

11-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 09:47:05 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit d1023046b
Parents: b9dafaaa6

  • default replay gain to 'off'.

10-Mar-2021 (Wednesday) at 18:20:19 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit b9dafaaa6 (replaygain)
Parents: f11780600

  • fill in the MIDI defaults for generating the lookup string for replay gain.

Both synth and sound font can be very relevant here for the final volume so using the same song with different settings needs to create different strings.

10-Mar-2021 (Wednesday) at 17:06:21 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit f11780600
Parents: ba618d308

  • implemented replay gain calculation and management.

This is done entirely on the streamed sound data, unlike the old relative volume which uses the backend's volume setting.

10-Mar-2021 (Wednesday) at 05:17:43 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit bf3340338
Parents: 12aa7a8ff

Show subtitles for the Entity's greeting lines in Strife.

10-Mar-2021 (Wednesday) at 06:59:07 EST by drfrag
Commit 12aa7a8ff
Parents: b7bbfd4ef

  • Fix crash with wind effect on special water sectors.

09-Mar-2021 (Tuesday) at 01:08:31 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit b7bbfd4ef
Parents: 952d43b88

Add SetSubtitleNumber(int num, str sound) ACS function. Works exactly like its ZScript counterpart. The activator of the script must be a player.

08-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 07:56:57 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ba618d308
Parents: 952d43b88

  • bumped CMake version to 3.1.0 in all projects to reduce warning spam in recent versions.

3.1.0 is the highest minimum set in the existing subprojects so this will not exclude anything that hadn't been already.

08-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 04:44:14 EST by alexey.lysiuk
Commit 952d43b88
Parents: d18b74b53

  • escape double quotes in Cocoa IWAD picker's extra arguments

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:32:31 EST by Christoph Oelckers

Merge branch 'master' of

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:28:13 EST by Chernoskill
Commit bb18bbaff (refs/pull/1320/head)
Parents: d1ea33a81

Update models.cpp

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:27:23 EST by Chernoskill
Commit d1ea33a81
Parents: 27cf15243

Update models_obj.cpp

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:26:53 EST by Chernoskill
Commit 27cf15243
Parents: 4e583772d

Update models_ue1.cpp

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:26:31 EST by Chernoskill
Commit 4e583772d
Parents: 72787c2c4

Update models_md3.cpp

06-Mar-2021 (Saturday) at 05:18:45 EST by Chernoskill
Commit 72787c2c4
Parents: fa2058004

Update model.h

05-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 11:17:44 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 8feba7dff
Parents: fa2228d52

  • fixed: line portal rendering PR was missing handling for portals with z offset.

Since it used the back sector's height directly the needed offsetting was not applied to the upper and lower texture.

05-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 10:09:13 EST by Timothy Quinn
Commit fa2228d52
Parents: 0c0ef4f93

  • Line_QuickPortal must check the partner line's special.

05-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 06:25:41 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 0c0ef4f93
Parents: a15216c90

  • reinstated rendering of mid textures over two-sided wall portals.

This was removed in the last PR due to z-fighting problems which now have also been addressed

05-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 04:04:18 EST by Timothy Quinn
Commit a15216c90
Parents: 16b0dd2fe

  • fixed rendering of one-sided line portals in the hardware renderer

draw upper and lower textures when the back sector does not properly match

do not draw middle textures on portal lines

minor optimization to 'is***Portal' functions to avoid memory access in the most common case of no portal being present.

05-Mar-2021 (Friday) at 02:07:18 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit 16b0dd2fe
Parents: 7e74d1c4a

Fix random crash when travelling between hub maps in multiplayer.

04-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 15:16:01 EST by Timothy Quinn
Commit 7e74d1c4a
Parents: ecc4d31aa

  • ported Eternity's Line_QuickPortal

04-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 10:55:50 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit ecc4d31aa
Parents: 357163c60

  • fixed memory leak in UDMF loader.

When the extsector allocation was moved, this hadn't been adjusted yet, it still allocated its own buffer which never got freed again.

04-Mar-2021 (Thursday) at 08:45:29 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 357163c60
Parents: 996b4f9f5

  • Backend update from Raze.

01-Mar-2021 (Monday) at 18:24:36 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit 996b4f9f5
Parents: d6f8e8017

Implement depth clamp

28-Feb-2021 (Sunday) at 20:24:15 EST by Magnus Norddahl
Commit d6f8e8017
Parents: c7edb9d22

Fix portals not working in softpoly (#1323)

28-Feb-2021 (Sunday) at 12:13:36 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit c7edb9d22
Parents: feb3520ee

Add a null check in PlayerPawn::CheckFOV

09-Feb-2021 (Tuesday) at 08:48:43 EST by Chernoskill
Commit fa2058004
Parents: e0e0fb0d8

The two TArrays of type FTextureID skinIDs and surfaceskinIDs no longer have any null elements. These elements will have a textureid (FTextureID.texnum) of 0.

Re-worded error messages which were unprecise or unfitting before (model index below 0 was not acknowledged at all, or grouped together with a "too many models" message).

modelIDs are given a default value of -1.

Important: A MODELDEF's FrameIndex lines can no longer refer to model indices that are beyond the number of models of that MODELDEF entry. There is in fact a check to avoid going beyond the number of an actor's models which would abort program operation at startup, but it never caught any such occurances.

surfaceSkinIDs was two-dimensional and is now a one-dimensional TArray as well, elements are accessed via [Row + Column * NumRows], in this case surfaceIndex + modelIndex * MD3_MAX_SURFACES] Used TArray.Alloc to make TArrays have the correct size depending on the number of models.

Also removed MAX_MODELS_PER_FRAME. Edited skinSurfaceIDs access for one-dimensional TArray

Added MD3_MODELS_MIN To ensure compatibility with mods, all model-related TArrays (four in total) have a minimum size of 4, defined by MD3_MODELS_MIN.

26-Feb-2021 (Friday) at 04:37:55 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit feb3520ee
Parents: 97de1f670

  • added m_swapbuttons CVAR for the Windows RawInput and DirectInput backends.

The problem I discovered is that these backends do not respect the GUI-side system setting for swapping the buttons, so this needs to be done in-application so that swapped buttons can behave the same in the menu and the game.

26-Feb-2021 (Friday) at 04:35:10 EST by Christoph Oelckers
Commit 97de1f670
Parents: 73dc52811

  • language update.

25-Feb-2021 (Thursday) at 10:49:41 EST by Gutawer
Commit 73dc52811
Parents: d6987ff6b

  • fix some crashes in the Shape2D VBO code due to unsound pointer usage (#1318)

25-Feb-2021 (Thursday) at 09:58:17 EST by Rachael Alexanderson
Commit d6987ff6b
Parents: cdb3fcce0

Revert "Dynamic number of models per frame instead of a hard limit of four. (#1298)"

This reverts commit 769d60a64fefc0c8d7260ebb6461c354ec478b11.

25-Feb-2021 (Thursday) at 03:19:43 EST by nashmuhandes
Commit cdb3fcce0
Parents: 4b7560cd3

Don't make the switch that reveals the computer core in Strife MAP15 to be repeatable.

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