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ALTHUDCF is an optional text lump that can change the appearance of GZDoom's Alternative HUD. It currently offers one functionality; the ability to set alternative icons for inventory items to be used by the HUD. This is achieved by the following commands:

  • <item> icon
  • Health icon
  • Berserk icon
<item> is the class name of an inventory item. Health and Berserk are for setting the health and berserk mode icons, respectively. icon is the icon to set. For key, ammo and artifact items only, if icon is 0, null or "" (empty string), the HUD does not draw the HUD elements associated with those items.

Note that while any inventory item can be given an alternative icon, the HUD does not necessarily make use of that icon for certain elements, and instead uses the standard icon.


The following changes the ammo counter icons in the lower right to show the large boxes instead of their smaller variants.

Shell SBOXA0
RocketAmmo BROKA0

This one removes the ammo counters altogether.

Clip ""
Shell ""
RocketAmmo ""
Cell ""

This uses the sprites of the soul and invulnerability spheres as the health and berserk icons, respectively.

Health SOULA0
Berserk PINVA0