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A_Blast [(int flags [, float strength [, float radius [, float speed [, string blasteffect [, string blastsound]]]]])]


Blasts actors away as a disc of repulsion does.


  • flags: The following flags can be used alone, combined as needed by listing their keywords (separated by the '|' character):
    • BF_USEAMMO — If this flag is set and the codepointer is used by a player, ammunition is used. By default, it is not. Do not set this flag in an inventory item or player class!
    • BF_DONTWARN — If this flag is set, monsters will not be woken up by the sound of the blast. By default, they are.
    • BF_AFFECTBOSSES — If this flag is set, monsters with the BOSS flag are affected. By default, they are immune to this effect.
    • BF_NOIMPACTDAMAGE — If this flag is set, affected monsters will not cause melee damage on impact. By default, they do.
    • BF_ONLYVISIBLETHINGS — If this flag is set, only visible monsters will be blasted away.
  • strength: Not actually used by default. ZScript-based actors can take it into account by overriding the SpecialBlastHandling virtual function. (Default: 255.)
  • radius: the maximum distance at which actors are affected. (Default: 255)
  • speed: The speed at which blasted actors are sent away. (Default: 20.0)
  • blasteffect: The actor spawned on each blasted actor to show the effect taking place. (Default: BlastEffect)
  • blastsound: The sound to play when blasting. (Default: BlastRadius)