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(no parameters)

Plays the sound "world/largefire" on the Voice channel. Spawns PhosphorousFire within 31 map units from the originating actor. If the spot picked has a height outside of actor's MaxStepHeight then the actor will be spawned in the same location as the caller. The new actors are always spawned 4 units above the calling actor.

Spawned actors will have DROPPED set which will cause this function to be disabled for them. They also have their ReactionTime set to some value 2-5. Their x/y velocities will be set to some value 0-7 relative to the calling actor's velocity.

Note: This function differs slightly from vanilla Strife. In vanilla the flames are spawned lop-sided since it doesn't use negative offsets.

This codepointer is restricted to PhosphorousFire and derived classes.