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(no parameter)

Spawns 4 HolySpirit actors at the location of the calling actor with their angles spread in 45 degree increments starting at 67.5 degrees to the left. The first HolySpirit has its special2 set to 0-7, the second is set to 32-39, the third is set to 32-39 in the upper two bytes, the forth is set to 32-39 in both the upper and lower two bytes. In addition the first argument is set to 10 and the second is set to 0. The tracer target is transferred to the spawned actors. If in deathmatch the health of the spawned actors is set to 85.

The value of special2 is packed to contain the x/y weave index in the upper two bytes and the z weave index in the lower two bytes.

If a tracer target was transferred, the NOCLIP and SKULLFLY flags are set and MISSILE is unset.

This codepointer is restricted to HolyMissile and derived classes.