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(no parameters)

Fires two poison missiles. One missile has a relative angle of 3 and a weave index of 32, the other has a relative angle of -3 and a weave index of 0. Also plays the sound ClericCStaffFire on the Weapon channel.

This codepointer is restricted to CWeapStaff and derived classes.


Taked from Serpent staff fire state:

   CSSF A 1 Offset(0, 45) A_CStaffCheck
   CSSF J 1 Offset(0, 50) A_CStaffAttack
   CSSF J 2 Offset(0, 50)
   CSSF J 2 Offset(0, 45)
   CSSF A 2 Offset(0, 40)
   CSSF A 2 Offset(0, 36)
   Goto Ready+2