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A_CountdownArg (int arg[, str state])

Note: Jump functions perform differently inside of anonymous functions.

This function counts one of the actor's args down until it reaches 0 and then changes its state, possibly killing it.

  • arg: what argument to decrement. Using a zero-based index, valid values are in the 0–4 range. Any other will result in the function doing nothing.
  • state: what state to set the calling actor to once the countdown is reached. Default is "Death". If such state is not defined the actor is simply removed without other effects. This only affects non-missile actors without the SHOOTABLE flag.

The method used to destroy the calling actor depends on its actor flags.

  • If it has the MISSILE flag the missile explodes.
  • Otherwise, if it has the SHOOTABLE flag, the actor is dealt an amount of damage equal to its current health.
  • In all other cases the actor is placed in its "Death" state, or in state if one is provided without other effects (means it does not necessarily kills or removes the calling actor).


This dispenser will throw some junk after being hit. If it has no more or damaged too much it explodes.

	DISP A 10 A_SpawnItemEx("DispenserJunk", random(-16, 16), random(-16, 16), 16)
	TNT1 A 0 A_CountdownArg(0)
	Death: // reuses Rocket's explosion sprites.
	MISL B 8 bright A_Scream
	MISL C 6 bright
	MISL D 4 bright