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A_CustomPunch (int damage [, bool norandom [, int flags [, string pufftype [, float range [, float lifesteal [, int lifestealmax [, string armorbonustype [, sound meleesound [, sound misssound]]]]]]]]])


Defines a custom punch attack. Damage can either be random or fixed and it is possible to specify whether ammo is used or the puff that is spawned when hitting the wall or a non-bleeding actor. It is also possible to define the maximum distance of the attack and its capacity to steal life from the target.


  • damage: The damage to inflict. This can be a number or expression. If the second argument, norandom, is false then whatever number is given in damage is then multiplied by a random number between 1 and 8. If you want the number in damage to be the final damage output of the punch, or to use your own custom expression, set norandom to true.
  • flags: The following flags can be combined by using the | character between the constant names:
    • CPF_USEAMMO — Use ammo: the attack drains ammo as indicated by the appropriate Weapon.AmmoUse property.
    • CPF_DAGGER — Act like a PunchDagger: Monsters with the SEESDAGGERS flag are woken up if they see the attack, even if the weapon has the WEAPON.NOALERT flag. This replicates an element of A_JabDagger. Note that using this flag will cause struck enemies to be unconditionally placed into their pain state. (Or Pain.Dagger if they have it defined.)
    • CPF_PULLIN — Pull in: Successful hit pulls the player forward like Doom's Chainsaw or Heretic's Gauntlets. It's important to note that a successful melee attack, regardless of this flag, will always turn the player's facing angle towards their struck target but the player's velocity will only be affected if the flag is set.
    • CPF_NORANDOMPUFFZ — The random z offset given to the puff when spawned is disabled.
    • CPF_NOTURN — No turn: the player's facing angle is not adjusted towards their struck target on successful hits.
    • CPF_STEALARMOR — When lifesteal is used, the stolen health is converted to armor points, repairing the player's armor, instead of healing the player like normal.
  • pufftype: The puff actor to use when striking a wall or non-bleeding actor. The default is BulletPuff.
  • range: The range of the attack. The default value is 64 (actually the value is 0, but since a range of 0 would be a worthless attack A_CustomPunch will interpret a range of 0 as 64.)
  • lifesteal: If positive, is the value used as a factor for giving back the inflicted damage as hit points to the actor using the calling weapon. The value works as a multiplier, so 1.0 will give the player exactly as much health as they dealt damage; higher values will give more, lower values will give a smaller fraction.
  • lifestealmax: The limit of how much the player heals when stealing health from the victim. This works for when stealing health for health and health for armor. Positive values set an explicit limit. If a value of zero is passed, the player is healed up to their maximum health when stealing for health, and up to the armorbonustype item's Armor.MaxSaveAmount (see below) when stealing for armor. Default value is 0.
  • armorbonustype: The armor bonus item to use for repairing armor when life-stealing. This must be an item derived from BasicArmorBonus. When stealing for armor, the item's Armor.SaveAmount property is taken into account; the life stolen value will be multiplied by that property's value. If this is not specified, ArmorBonus will be used as the default item.
  • meleesound: If the attack hits anything, the weapon will play this sound effect. If unspecified, the weapon's AttackSound property is used instead.
  • misssound: The sound to play if the weapon does not hit anything tangible.

Please note that the Berserk powerup will not work with A_CustomPunch. However, you can emulate the effect using A_JumpIfInventory and A_SelectWeapon (see the third example, below).


  KNIF B 4
  KNIF C 4 A_CustomPunch(20, FALSE, 0) // 20 * random(1, 8) since norandom is false, uses no ammo, will 
                                       // spawn a BulletPuff, has a range of 64, and doesn't steal life.
  KNIF D 5
  KNIF C 4
  KNIF B 5 A_ReFire
  Goto Ready
  SWRD B 4
  SWRD C 4 A_CustomPunch(random(4, 8) * 10, TRUE, 0, "SwordPuff", 96) // Uses a custom damage formula, spawns
                                                                      // a custom puff, and has a longer range of 96.
  SWRD D 4
  SWRD C 6
  SWRD B 6 A_ReFire
  Goto Ready

As mentioned above, A_CustomPunch does not work with the berserk pack "out of the box". The following example provides a workaround for this using Doom's fist as an example:

ACTOR CustomFist : Fist
    PUNG B 4
    TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("PowerStrength", 1, "Berserked")
    PUNG C 4 A_CustomPunch(2 * random(1, 10), TRUE)
    Goto FireEnd
    PUNG C 4 A_CustomPunch(20 * random(1, 10), TRUE)
    PUNG D 5
    PUNG C 4
    PUNG B 5 A_ReFire
    Goto Ready

By checking for the presence of the PowerStrength powerup in the player's inventory, which is given by the berserk pack, the damage of the punch can be "adjusted".