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Note: This feature is for ZScript only.

void A_Face (Actor faceto [, double max_turn [, double max_pitch [, double ang_offset [, double pitch_offset [, int flags [, double z_ofs]]]]]])


Makes the calling actor face the actor specified by the faceto parameter. This is a generalized actor facing function of A_FaceTarget, A_FaceTracer and A_FaceMaster.


  • faceto: A pointer to the actor that the function should make the caller face.
  • max_turn: The maximum turn angle; the calling actor cannot turn by more than said angle, however the SHADOW flag has no effect in such case. A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle. Default is 0.
  • max_pitch: If specified to a value no greater than 180, then the calling actor's pitch is adjusted up to said value to face the actor. A value of 0 is interpreted as unlimited angle; and technically a pitch change will never be greater than 180 degrees. It will also aim at the actor's feet when set to 0. Default is 270, which means its disabled.
  • ang_offset: Specifies the amount of degrees to offset the actor's angle by. Positive values turn it left, while negative values turn it right. This is factored in after max_turn is performed. Due to limitations, distance is not factored in. Default is 0.
  • pitch_offset: Adjusts the pitch by this many degrees after max_pitch has been taken into account. Default is 0.
  • flags: Customizes the behavior of the function. Multiple flags can be combined by using the bitwise OR operator (|) between the constant names:
    • FAF_BOTTOM — Aim for the bottom of the actor, otherwise known as the raw Z position. Whenever max_pitch is taken into account, it will aim towards the actor's feet + 32 units above. This flag disables adding that 32 units.
    • FAF_MIDDLE — Aim for the middle of the actor (z position + height / 2).
    • FAF_TOP — Aim for the top of the actor (z position + height).
Note that all of these flags are taken into account first before anything else.
Default is 0.
  • z_ofs: Offsets the z position distance of the actor to face by this amount. Unlike pitch_offset, this takes into account how far away the actor is at all times. Default is 0.


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