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SkulltagIcon.png Warning: This feature is Skulltag specific, and is not compatible with ZDoom!
To see all of Skulltag's specific features, see Skulltag features.

A_FaceConsolePlayer [(float MaxTurnAngle)]

Makes the calling actor turn towards the local player - even if the player is for instance coop spying on another player. The MaxTurnAngle is the max turn angle in degrees the actor can make.

Because this is client-specific behavior (the actor will turn to a different direction on every client machine), this will cause a desync of the actor's angle. Thus, it is not recommended to be used on non-decorative actors.

This codepointer encapsulates Hissy's behavior, which was moved to a code-pointer because Hissy was moved out to skulltag_actors.pk3.


Hissy uses this codepointer to turn towards the local player:

    HISY B 1 [[A_FaceConsolePlayer]](5)
    HISY A 1 [[A_FaceConsolePlayer]](5)