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A_Fire [(float height)]

Places the calling actor directly in front of its tracer, with a z offset of height. If height is not specified, it defaults to 0.


The Arch-Vile from Doom uses this function in its fire attack's Decorate code to keep the fire placed on its target:

ACTOR ArchvileFire
  Game Doom
  SpawnID 98
  RenderStyle Add
  Alpha 1
    FIRE A 2 bright A_StartFire
    FIRE BAB 2 bright A_Fire
    FIRE C 2 bright A_FireCrackle
    FIRE BCBCDCDCDEDED 2 bright A_Fire
    FIRE E 2 bright A_FireCrackle
    FIRE FEFEFGHGHGH 2 bright A_Fire

See also

  • A_Warp — more flexible generalized variant of A_Fire.