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(no parameters)

Bursts the calling actor into chunks (IceChunk and for players also IceChunkHead) after a short random delay. The actor only bursts if it does not move. A_IceGuyDie immediately bursts the calling actor without any delay. The size box of the spawned shards will conform to the defined radius and height of the object.

If the calling actor has the BOSSDEATH flag, it also calls A_BossDeath.


This is an ice zombie, a frozen-solid zombie that continues to live. When killed, its death state triggers A_FreezeDeathChunks, bursting it into chunks of ice. A 100 frame delay was given to assure the zombie was not moving when this function was called (in case the corpse ends up sliding down a flight of stairs, off a ledge, etc.). A_NoBlocking was removed to prevent the monster from dropping 2 clips, since A_FreezeDeathChunks makes the monster drop its item upon death as well. Its XDeath state triggers A_IceGuyDie, causing it to instantly burst into chunks.

ACTOR IceZombie : ZombieMan
  Translation "Ice"
    POSS H 5
    POSS I 5 A_Scream
    POSS J 5
    POSS K 5
    POSS L 100
    POSS L 10 A_FreezeDeathChunks
    POSS M 5 A_IceGuyDie