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state A_JumpIfNoAmmo (int offset)
state A_JumpIfNoAmmo (str "state")

Note: Jump functions perform differently inside of anonymous functions.


This function can only be used with weapons. It jumps if the carrying player doesn't have enough ammunition for one attack of the currently used attack mode (defaulting to primary fire if called outside of a fire state).

This function also checks for the Infinite Ammo DMFlag or the infinite ammo powerup. If either are present, this will never jump.

Offset is the number of frames to jump ahead when there is no ammo. State is what state to jump to when you're out of ammo.


     CISG A 0 A_JumpIfNoAmmo("Reload")
     CISG B 1 BRIGHT A_GunFlash
     TNT1 A 0 A_FireProjectile("PistolShellcasingSpawn",0,0,-6,2)
     CISG B 1 A_FireBullets(3,2,-1,9.2,"BULLETHIT",1,0)
     CISG CDE 2
     Goto Ready