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(no parameters)

Shoots six KoraxSpirit actors with 60° angle intervals, initializes them by giving them the calling actor as their tracer field, a random number between 32 and 40 as their special2 field, and sets its args[0] field to 10. For each spirit, it also creates a tail made of a HolyTail that has the spirit as its target and the first of three HolyTailTrail as its tracer, and each tail trail having the next in the list as its tracer. A total of 30 actors are therefore spawned: six spirits, six tails, and eighteen trails.

It then starts script number 255 with the calling actor as the activator. In the original Hexen map when Korax is fought, this script opens up the door leading to the endgame.

This codepointer is restricted to Korax and derived classes.


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