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(no parameters)


If the calling actor's special2 field is null and its health is reduced to half or less its starting value, teleports to the first destination with TID 248 and starts ACS script 249. The special2 field is then set to 1 to avoid using this effect more than once per actor.

If the calling actor has no valid target, the function does nothing else.

Otherwise, it has a 30/256 chance of setting the calling actor to its Missile state, and if not, another 30/256 chance of playing the sound "KoraxActive" on the VOICE channel.

Afterwards, if the calling actor's health is reduced to half or less its starting value, it has a 10/256 chance of teleporting to the next destination with TID 249. These teleportations are done in sequence, using the calling actor's tracer field to store the current choice.

This codepointer is restricted to Korax and derived classes.


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