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(no parameters)


This function handles Korax's projectile attacks where the Serpent Rider throws a fireball from each of its six arms at the same time. First, it chooses randomly between the following possibilities:

Choice Missile type Attack sound
1 WraithFX1 "WraithMissileFire"
2 Demon1FX1 "DemonMissileFire"
3 Demon2FX1 "DemonMissileFire"
4 FireDemonMissile "FireDemonAttack"
5 CentaurFX "CentaurLeaderAttack"
6 SerpentFX "CentaurLeaderAttack"

Then it plays the sound "KoraxAttack" on the VOICE channel and the chosen sound on the WEAPON channel.

Finally, it shoots six actors of the chosen missile type, using the following U, V coordinates relative to the calling actor's current facing:

Left arms Right arms
Upper arms (-0.0006, 108) (0.0006, 104)
Middle arms (-0.0008, 82) (0.0008, 86)
Lower arms (-0.0008, 54) (0.0008, 53)

The U position is changed into X and Y coordinates relative to calling actor's position using the calling actor's angle and basic trigonometry, the V position is turned into a Z coordinate relative to the calling actor's position after floorclip adjustment.

This codepointer is restricted to Korax and derived classes.


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