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A_M_Refire [(bool ignoremissile)]

Checks whether to continue fighting or not. If it decides not to continue fighting, it will enter the next frame, ignoring branching keywords such as "goto" or "loop".

If the calling actor has no target or the target is dead, there is a 62.5% chance it will try to acquire a new one. If it didn't succeed, or didn't try, it performs the jump. If the calling actor is in melee mode and the target is outside of melee range, or if it doesn't have line of sight to the target, the jump is also performed. Finally, there is 1.5625% chance of ceasing fire even if the target is alive, within range, and in plain sight.

If ignoremissile is true, the calling actor has the same chance of ceasing fire if the target is out of melee range as if the calling actor had no missile state at all.

This codepointer is restricted to ScriptedMarine and derived classes.