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state A_PlayerSkinCheck (str state)

Checks if the player is currently using a custom Skin made for another game and if so, jumps to the specified state. This function allows the default DoomGuy to use a Corvus skin and vice-versa. The number of death frames in Doom is different from the number of death frames in Heretic, which would without this function make skins from one game glitchy in another.

This function should only be used for Doom or Heretic custom classes that are allowed to use custom skins.


The Heretic Player uses this function because it has a larger amount of frames from what custom Doom skins have. Using A_PlayerSkinCheck in both death states, it checks first if the player is using a Doom skin and then jumps to a different death state if he/she is.

       PLAY H 6 A_PlayerSkinCheck("AltSkinDeath")
       PLAY I 6 A_PlayerScream
       PLAY JK 6
       PLAY L 6 A_NoBlocking
       PLAY MNO 6
       PLAY P -1
       PLAY Q 0 A_PlayerSkinCheck("AltSkinXDeath")
       PLAY Q 5 A_PlayerScream
       PLAY R 0 A_NoBlocking
       PLAY R 5 A_SkullPop
       PLAY STUVWX 5
       PLAY Y -1
       PLAY H 10
       PLAY I 10 A_PlayerScream
       PLAY J 10 A_NoBlocking
       PLAY KLM 10
       PLAY N -1
       PLAY O 5
       PLAY P 5 A_XScream
       PLAY Q 5 A_NoBlocking
       PLAY RSTUV 5
       PLAY W -1