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(no parameters)

This is used when a pottery explodes.

This function spawns between three and six pottery bits and places them each in a random state, from Spawn+0 to Spawn+5. Each pottery bit is spawned at the calling actor's position. They are given an upward vertical velocity between 3.75 and 9, and a horizontal velocity of up to 4 in either direction on both horizontal axes.

It also plays the sound "PotteryExplode" on the BODY channel.

If the calling actor has a first argument (arg0) that corresponds to a valid spawn number, the object will be spawned in the pottery's position. A check is made not to spawn the corresponding actor if it has the ISMONSTER flag and the "nomonster" rule is active, either through a DM flag or a command line parameter.

In UDMF, instead of setting arg0 to a spawn number value, you can use the arg0str property to give an actor class name.

This codepointer is restricted to Pottery1 and derived classes.