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A_PrintBold (string text[, float time[, string fontname]])

Prints a text to all players' screens.

The text can be formatted text.

Optionally, a duration for how long the message must be displayed can be passed. The default value of 0 means to use con_midtime.

Also optionally, a different font can be selected. By default, or if the font name given is invalid, it will use SmallFont.


Revenant that shoots 4 times:

Actor RevenantBoss4ZDWiki: Revenant replaces Revenant
 Health 700
 Translation "16:47=64:79"
   SKEL J 0 Bright A_FaceTarget
   SKEL J 10 Bright A_FaceTarget
   SKEL KKKK 2 A_SkelMissile
   SKEL K 10 A_FaceTarget
   Goto See
   SKEL L 7 A_PrintBold( "Next revenant killed..." )
   SKEL M 7
   SKEL N 7 A_ScreamAndUnblock
   SKEL O 7
   SKEL P 7
   SKEL Q -1

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