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A_RemoveChildren [(bool all [, int flags [, string filter [, string species]]])]


Called by monsters to completely remove all monsters spawned by the caller or by a projectile spawned by the caller of this function. If all is false or not specified, only dead children are removed. Currently the only function that sets the necessary information is A_SpawnItemEx.

Note that with SXF_ORIGINATOR, projectiles can create its own children, meaning they will not be attached to their projectiles masters.

Monsters spawned with A_SpawnProjectile are not affected by this. A_SpawnProjectile was never designed to spawn monsters.

This function can target actors that are non-monsters, but only by using flags.


  • all: if this is false, only dead children are removed. Otherwise, if true, all children are removed, dead and alive. Default is false.
  • flags: the following flags can be combined using the | character between name constants:
    • RMVF_MISSILES - Allows removal of missiles associated with the pointer.
    • RMVF_NOMONSTERS - The function will not remove monsters and simply skip them. By default, before the introduction of assigning masters to missiles, similar functions would only work on monsters. To ensure consistency, only monsters are allowed for removal by default.
    • RMVF_MISC - Allows removal of things that are neither missile nor monster.
    • RMVF_EVERYTHING - Overrides all other flags. Disables discrimination and removes the actor of any type regardless of what it is.
    • RMVF_EXFILTER — inverts the case of the class name filter; the calling actor's children are only removed if their class name does not match the value passed to filter.
    • RMVF_EXSPECIES — inverts the case of the species filter; the calling actor's children are only removed if their species does not match the value passed to species.
    • RMVF_EITHER — the calling actor's children are removed if either of their class name or species matches the values passed to filter and species, respectively.
  • filter: the actor class to remove. The calling actor's children are only removed if their class name matches the specified filter class. Default is "None".
  • species: the actor species to remove. The calling actor's children are only removed if their species matches the specified species filter. Default is "None".


The following is a variant on the doom imp, a monster that spawns clones of itself to attack you. Upon being killed, its death state triggers A_RemoveChildren, removing all of the dead clones it had spawned, before killing the living ones using A_KillChildren. This is so that the fresh corpses of the clones may still be revived somehow by a different monster.

ACTOR VoodooLeaderImp : DoomImp
  Game Doom
  SpawnID 5
  Health 100
  Mass 1000
  PainChance 255
    TROO G 0 A_Jump(256, "Missile1", "Missile2")
    TROO EF 8 A_FaceTarget
    TROO G 6 A_SpawnItemEx("SoldierImp", 50, 50, 60, 0, 0, 0, 0, SXF_SETMASTER)
    Goto See
    TROO EF 8 A_FaceTarget 
    TROO G 6 A_RaiseChildren
    Goto See
    TROO H 2
    TROO H 1 A_Pain
    TROO H 1 A_DamageChildren(1, "Voodoo")
    Goto See
    TROO I 8 A_RemoveChildren(FALSE)
    TROO J 8 A_Scream
    TROO K 6 A_KillChildren
    TROO L 6 A_NoBlocking
    TROO M -1
    TROO N 5 A_RemoveChildren(FALSE)
    TROO O 5 A_XScream
    TROO P 5 A_KillChildren
    TROO Q 5 A_NoBlocking
    TROO RST 5
    TROO U -1

Children/Master/Siblings relationship codepointers
A_DamageChildren A_DamageMaster A_DamageSiblings A_DamageTarget A_DamageTracer
A_KillChildren A_KillMaster A_KillSiblings A_KillTarget A_KillTracer
A_RaiseChildren A_RaiseMaster A_RaiseSiblings
A_RemoveChildren A_RemoveMaster A_RemoveSiblings A_RemoveTarget A_RemoveTracer
Note: Raise and damage functions only work with monsters. Kill functions can be used on monsters and missiles.