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(no parameters)

Decreases the calling actor's life by one point. If it becomes negative, the calling actor is removed from its target's RainTracker's scrutiny and then destroyed.

Otherwise, has a slightly above 90% chance of spawning at a random point (within 64 map units on both axes of the calling actor) on the ceiling a RainPillar with the target's player translation (this assumes that the calling actor used its special2 field to store its owner's player number), a minimal X velocity of one unit (to force the 2.5D physics engine of detecting collisions, as it ignores purely-vertical movement) and a downward Z velocity equal to the spawned projectile's normal speed. If the calling actor's special1 field is not equal to -1, this number is used as the index of a sound that is looped on the BODY channel.

This codepointer is restricted to HornRodFX2 and derived classes.