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(no parameters)

This is the attack from D'Sparil's chaos serpent.

Does nothing if the calling actor has no valid target. Otherwise, plays the calling actor's attack sound on the BODY channel.

If the target is within melee range, inflicts it 8d8 damage. Otherwise, throws one SorcererFX1 at the target. If the calling actor's health is below 2/3 of its starting health, throws two additional fireballs, one on both sides, with a 3° difference in their angles and the same vertical velocity. If the calling actor's health is below 1/3 of its starting value and its special1 field is null, sets that field to 1 and puts the calling actor in its Missile2 state, otherwise clears that field. This lets a severely wounded serpent fire two volleys of fireballs in quick succession.

This codepointer is restricted to Sorcerer1 and derived classes.