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bool A_TakeFromTarget (string type [, int amount [, int flags [, pointer forward_ptr]]])


Removes count items of type type from the inventory of the actor's current target. The minimum amount of item of a type in an inventory is zero, removing a greater amount than what the target actually possesses will not result in a negative amount.


  • type: The inventory item to take.
  • amount: The amount to take. If this is 0 or a value which is equal to or greater than the number of samples in the inventory, the item is cleared from the inventory unless it has the INVENTORY.KEEPDEPLETED flag set, and in which case, its amount is merely reduced to 0. Default is 0.
  • flags: There is at the moment only one flag:
    • TIF_NOTAKEINFINITE — If this flag is set, nothing is taken if the type is an Ammo and the player benefits from infinite ammo (either from a powerup or a cheat).
  • forward_ptr: The actor to take the item from. This is an actor pointer, which can be any of the following:
    • AAPTR_DEFAULT — The calling actor's target (default value).
    • AAPTR_NULL — No actor at all.
    • AAPTR_TARGET — The target of the calling actor's target, if any.
    • AAPTR_MASTER — The master of the calling actor's target, if any.
    • AAPTR_TRACER — The tracer of the calling actor's target, if any.

Remember that the nature of these pointers depend on the actor type and is not always intuitive.

Return value

The function returns true if the number of samples of type in the pointed-to actor's inventory (before attempting removal) is greater than zero, otherwise it returns false.


This demon tries to run up to you and steal your ammo!

ACTOR BanditDemon : Demon
        SARG E 8 A_FaceTarget
        SARG E 0 A_TakeFromTarget("Clip", 10)
        SARG E 0 A_TakeFromTarget("Shell", 4)
        SARG E 0 A_TakeFromTarget("RocketAmmo", 1)
        SARG E 0 A_TakeFromTarget("Cell", 20)
        SARG E 18 A_ChangeFlag("FRIGHTENED", TRUE) // Demon makes a run for it.
        Goto See