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A_TransferPointer (pointer source, pointer recipient, pointer sourcefield, pointer recipientfield[, int flags])

The calling actor performs a transfer of pointer between itself and another actor.

  • source corresponds to the actor to use as a model
  • recipient corresponds to the actor that will change its pointer
  • sourcefield corresponds to the pointer to transfer from the source (cannot be DEFAULT or NULL)
  • recipientfield corresponds to which pointer of the recipient will host the transferred value (cannot be DEFAULT or NULL)

The pointers can be any of the following:

  • AAPTR_DEFAULT: The calling actor itself
  • AAPTR_NULL: No actor at all (does nothing)
  • AAPTR_TARGET: The calling actor's target, if any
  • AAPTR_MASTER: The calling actor's master, if any
  • AAPTR_TRACER: The calling actor's tracer, if any

Remember that the nature of these pointers depend on the actor type and is not always intuitive.

By default MASTER and TARGET become null if values are assigned that would cause infinite relationships. (Missiles targeting each other, masters mastering each other.)
The following flags can manipulate and disable the safe guards to allow for more complex relationships:

  • PTROP_UNSAFETARGET (1) - Don't null assignments that result in an infinite chain of missiles referencing each other
  • PTROP_UNSAFEMASTER (2) - Don't null assignments that result in an infinite chain of actors referencing each other
  • PTROP_NOSAFEGUARDS (4) - Same as putting in PTROP_UNSAFETARGET|PTROP_UNSAFEMASTER, or 3 (3 and 4 do the same thing, which is redundant).

Additionally, since pointers travel between actors here, an extra check is added: If the actor would end up pointing to itself (which seems both dangerous and useless) the assigned pointer field is nulled. This check cannot be overridden.

For more information on pointers, visit the actor pointers page.


This Imp's master will acquire the same target as this imp.

ACTOR WimpyImp : DoomImp
      Goto Super::Missile