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A_Weave (int horzspeed, int vertspeed, float horzdist, float vertdist)

A generalized version of A_BishopMissileWeave and A_CStaffMissileSlither. You have to call this function repeatedly to have a permanent effect.

A_BishopMissileWeave is equivalent to A_Weave(2, 2, 2.0, 1.0); A_CStaffMissileSlither is equivalent to A_Weave(3, 0, 1.0, 0.0).


A weave in ZDoom can be understood as the sum of two waves, a horizontal and a vertical one.

  • horzspeed: the speed at which the projectile weaves horizontally; that is to say, it affects the frequency of the horizontal wave.
  • vertspeed: same but for the vertical wave.
  • horzdist: the maximum distance to which the projectile will horizontally stray from its linear trajectory; that is to say, the semi-amplitude of the horizontal wave.
  • vertdist: same but for the vertical wave.

In addition to these parameters, the actor's WeaveIndexXY and WeaveIndexZ properties as well as the frequency at which A_Weave is called are both instrumental in determining the exact behavior of projectile.


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