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The alternate HUD.

The alternate HUD replaces the default fullscreen HUD. It features counters for all ammunition type, icons for available weapons, and counters for items picked up, secrets found, and monsters killed. The alternative HUD menu provides an user-friendly way of altering the following console variables:

The following are the values at which the color of the counter changes. For example, if hud_armor_green is 100, the armor counter is green at 100 and below.


The following determines whether the stamina & accuracy, score, kills, secrets, and items stats are shown. Contrarily to the normal HUD, they are shown in view mode but not in map mode.

hud_showitems=bool (items picked up compared to total count)
hud_showmonsters=bool (monsters killed compared to total count)
hud_showscore=bool (score earned so far)
hud_showsecrets=bool (secrets found compared to total count)
hud_showstats=bool (stamina and accuracy, usually only relevant for Strife)

The following determines if the alternate HUD is used at all.

The alternate HUD with scale 0.

The following determines the scale at which the alternate HUD elements are drawn.


The ALTHUDCF lump in a mod allows to configure the alternative HUD, notably to determine the icons used by weapons and ammunition.