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clearscope static int ApplyDamageFactors (class<Inventory> itemcls, Name damagetype, int damage, int defdamage)


Returns the value passed to damage after adjustment, which is done by multiplying it with the chosen damage factor from the specified item class. If the chosen damage factor does not exist among the item's damage factors, damage is returned as is. If the item does not define any damage factors, the function returns the value passed to defdamage without any adjustments.

This function is generally used as part of set ups to adjust the damage an actor receives or inflicts.


  • itemcls: the item class from which to get the damage factors.
  • damagetype: the desired damage factor, referenced by its damage type.
  • damage: the value to multiply the damage factor with.
  • defdamage: the fall-back value to return if the item does not define any damage factors.


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