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The armor is a form of protection that decreases damage received by players from attacks. The following points are relevant:

  • All armor items are inventory actors derived from a subclass of Armor.
  • Monsters can actually have armor too, if they are given some by a script.
  • There exist two types of armor: BasicArmor and HexenArmor.
  • For basic armors, there are two distinct values: the protection offered (Armor.SavePercent) and the armor status (Inventory.Amount).
  • Basic armors can also offer special DamageFactor as a secondary form of protection, and their efficiency can be adjusted with the Armor.MaxAbsorb and Armor.MaxFullAbsorb properties.
  • For Hexen armors, there is only a single value, the armor class, wich is used for both.
  • Hexen armors are decomposed into four item slots and one basic slot, and the protection each slot provides is a function not of the armor items, but of the player class, through the Player.HexenArmor property. The armor rating is the sum of the points in all these slots.
  • The default Hexen HUD displays an armor class that corresponds to the armor rating divided by five to show a total on a MiniWikipediaLogoIcon.pngvigesimal base rather than a percentile value. Therefore, a displayed armor class of 10 corresponds to about 50% damage absorption and 50 remaining points of armor.

The standard armors include:

The armor total can also be increased with the following items:

  • ArmorBonus (1 point up to 200)
  • ArtiBoostArmor (20 points of armor rating/4 points of armor class, or 50 points up to 300) (Hexen)