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The automap is a top-down representation of the level, created from the linedefs seen by the player. The ZDoom automap differs from the original from vanilla Doom on the following points:

  • Lines within the player's field of view become marked as visible on the map even if the player is in automap mode
  • The default automap function keys (arrow keys, +, -, f, g, etc.) can be modified
  • An overlay mode is available
  • The automap can be made to rotate so that the top corresponds to the direction the player is facing, rather than north
  • The automap can be textured, though this require the presence (or run-time generation) of GL nodes
  • The colors for lines and things can be customized freely; it is possible to give different colors to secret lines or different types of things
  • The map cheat ("iddt" or equivalent) has a third level, available by typing type am_cheat 3 in the console, which shows the things' bounding boxes as well
  • The same cheat can optionally show keys with a different shape than a triangle to make them easier to find
  • The AUTOPAGE background from Heretic and Hexen can be disabled
  • Additional level information can be shown, such as the current kill/items/secrets tallies
  • Lines marked as being hidden can be made to show nonetheless with the am_showalllines console variable

Most of these features can be changed from the dedicated menu or through console variables.


  • If on Windows systems the automap lines are thick and blurry, this is because your graphic drivers do not support antialiasing for lines. Set the vid_hwaalines console variable to false for a workaround.

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