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SkulltagIcon.png Warning: This feature is Skulltag specific, and is not compatible with ZDoom!
To see all of Skulltag's specific features, see Skulltag features.

BOTINFO is a lump used to define bots in Skulltag. Bots are defined between closing and opening braces, like so:



The following properties can be used when defining a bot.

  • name
The name of your bot. Can be used with print color codes.
  • script
The bot script to use with the bot. Bot scripts give bots certain properties, such as making them slower or taunt more often. (Check _BOTLUMP for the predefined scripts)
  • chatfile
The path and filename to the Bot's chat file usually in \bots\chatfiles\. Long filenames may cause a crash.
  • gender
The gender of your bot. Can be male, female or neither.
  • color
The skin color of the bot in "RR GG BB" format.
  • railcolor
The color of the bot's Railgun. Possible values are blue, red, yellow, black, silver, gold, green, white, purple, orange, and rainbow.
  • skin
The skin of the bot, either defined in S_SKIN or SKININFO.
  • class
The prefered Class of the bot. For Hexen it can be Random, Fighter, Cleric or Mage. Custom player classes are supported too.
  • revealed
Determines if the bot is 'hidden' from selection in the 'Select bots' list in Skirmish. Can be true or false.
  • favoriteweapon
The bot's favorite weapon. The bot will usually try to get their weapon first.
  • chatfrequency
How often the bot will say things from chatfile or chatlump. Value can be 1 to 100.
  • chatlump
An alternative to chatfile, which is instead a lump inside the wad file.
  • accuracy
How accurate the bot is with hitscan weapons. Value can be 0 to 4.
  • intellect
How "smart" the bot is. Smarter bots will be able to predict where to fire projectile weapons and hit dodging players better. Values can be 0 to 4. (The incorrect spelling "intelect" also works)
  • evade
How well the bot can dodge projectiles. Values can be 0 to 4.
  • anticipation
How well the bot can anticipate shots from hitscan weapons. Value can be 0 to 4.
  • reactiontime
How well the bot can react to what is happening (being shot at etc). Value can be 0 to 4.
  • perception
How well the bot knows where his enemies are. Value can be 0 to 4.


script = HUMANBOT
chatlump = MYBOT1
gender = male
color = "BF 77 00"
railcolor = "red"
skin = "Doomcrate"
class = "fighter"
revealed = true
accuracy = 3
intelect = 1
evade = 4
anticipation = 1
reactiontime = 3
perception = 2
chatfrequency = 100
favoriteweapon = "shotgun"