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Blur sphere
Actor type Powerup Game MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number 2024 Class Name BlurSphere
Spawn ID 135 Identifier T_INVISIBILITY

Classes: InventoryPowerupGiverBlurSphere

This is the invisibility sphere powerup from Doom and Doom 2. When picked up, it causes the player to appear translucent (or fuzzy, depending on the user's settings) to other players, making him difficult to see. Enemies which have not yet woken may fail to see a player with this powerup active, and enemies that are firing on the player will miss by a random amount. While this powerup is in effect, the player's weapons will appear translucent/fuzzy on the HUD.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR BlurSphere : PowerupGiver
  Inventory.MaxAmount 0
  Powerup.Type "Invisibility"
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Inventory.PickupMessage "$GOTINVIS" // "Partial Invisibility"
     PINS ABCD 6 Bright

note: Blur sphere respawns only if sv_respawnsuper is set.