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SkulltagIcon.png Warning: This feature is Skulltag specific, and is not compatible with ZDoom!
To see all of Skulltag's specific features, see Skulltag features.

CMPGNINF is a lump that lets the coder tell Skulltag what to do when it loads a certain map. It should be used in conjunction with MAPINFO. As with all Skulltag's special lumps, it requires opening and closing braces:



The following properties can be used with CMPGNINF

  • mapname
The map name of the map you wish to define.
  • fraglimit
The default frag limit.
  • timelimit
The default time limit.
  • pointlimit
The default point (CTF etc) limit.
  • duellimit
The default amount of duels in a duel game.
  • winlimit
The default amount of wins required to end the map in a duel game.
  • wavelimit
The amount of waves in an invasion map.
  • gamemode
The game mode of the map. Can be either cooperative, survival, invasion, deathmatch, teamplay, duel, terminator, lastmanstanding, teamlms, possession, teampossession, teamgame, ctf, oneflagctf or skulltag.
  • dmflags
The set DMFlags of the map.
  • dmflags2
The set DMFlags2 of the map.
  • compatflags
The set Compatibility options of the map.
  • playerteam
The team the player is set to (Singleplayer only).
  • mustwinallduels
If non-zero the player has to win all duels to proceed to the next map.
  • possessionholdtime
The time the Possession Sphere has to be held in order to score a point.
  • instagib
If non-zero the game will be an Instagib match.
  • buckshot
If non-zero the game will be an Buckshot match.
  • botteam
botteam[<botnum>] = <integer> (0 = blue, 1 = red)
  • bot
bot[<botnum>] = <string> (bot name)


These are taken from the CMPGNINF in the skulltag wad.

mapname = d2dm1
gamemode = deathmatch
fraglimit = 25
dmflags = 20612
dmflags2 = 512
bot[0] = deimos
bot[1] = aldebaran
bot[2] = chubbs
mapname = d2lms1
possessionholdtime = 15
mapname = D2INV1
gamemode = invasion
wavelimit = 6