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Actor type Artifact Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number 8000 Class Name ArtiPoisonBag
Spawn ID 72 Identifier T_ITEMFLECHETTE

Classes: InventoryArtiPoisonBag

A collectible vial of green liquid which acts as a versatile support weapon for the player characters of Hexen. The item's subclasses provide the differing behaviours for the three Hexen player classes. The correct subclass is placed in the player's inventory when the item is picked up, based on the player class's Player.FlechetteType property.

  • Note: Because this item itself is never actually placed in the player's inventory but replaced by one of its subclasses, it cannot be activated by the use artipoisonbag console command. A special useflechette command is provided instead, which activates the correct type of ArtiPoisonBag depending on the player's class.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR ArtiPoisonBag : Inventory native
  Inventory.PickupFlash "PickupFlash"
  Inventory.Icon "ARTIPSBG"
  Inventory.PickupSound "misc/p_pkup"
  Inventory.PickupMessage "$TXT_ARTIPOISONBAG" // "FLECHETTE"
    PSBG A -1