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Tyketto's Tome of Power
Actor type Artifact Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number 86 Class Name ArtiTomeOfPower
Spawn ID 134 Identifier T_ITEMTOME

Classes: InventoryPowerupGiverArtiTomeOfPower

The tome of power is a magic artifact that enters the player's inventory when picked up and, when activated, gives the player's weapons much enhanced effectiveness for a period of time and also unmorphs the player if they are currently morphed. For the predefined Heretic weapons, this usually means that a full/semi-auto firing mode becomes available and/or more powerful single shots are fired; for example, the phoenix rod becomes a flamethrower-like weapon if the player has an active tome of power when firing it.


When this (or inherited) actor is used it gives the player the WeaponLevel2 power. Additionally, it cancels player morph and, if unmorph took place, plays the sound “*evillaugh” (if defined).

DECORATE definition

ACTOR ArtiTomeOfPower : PowerupGiver native
  Inventory.Icon "ARTIPWBK"
  Powerup.Type Weaponlevel2
  Inventory.PickupMessage "$TXT_ARTITOMEOFPOWER"
    PWBK A 350