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Invasion Pickup Spawner
Actor type Internal Game MiniSkulltagLogoIcon.png (Skulltag)
DoomEd Number None Class Name CustomPickupInvasionSpot
Center Warning: This class is a Skulltag-specific actor that is not included in ZDoom!

CustomPickupInvasionSpot is the base class for custom Invasion pickups. By inheriting from it you can create spawn spots for new DECORATE powerups, ammo, weapons and other inventory items.


The CustomPickupInvasionSpot base class only needs one property for it to work, which is dropitem.

  • dropitem class
The class of the pickup you want the Invasion spot to spawn. Can be used more than once to spawn more than one pickup picked at random.

Example of a single custom invasion spot:

actor UltrasphereSpot : CustomPickupInvasionSpot 12345
dropitem "UltraSphere"

Example of a random custom invasion spot:

actor NewSpheresSpot : CustomPickupInvasionSpot 123456
dropitem "UltraSphere"
dropitem "BlackSphere"

Using in a map editor

CustomPickupInvasionSpot, like all invasion spots, take 5 special arguments.

  • Start Spawn Number
The number of things spawned in the first wave they appear.
  • Spawn Delay
The spawn delay in seconds between spawning things.
  • Round Spawn Delay
The delay in seconds from the start of the wave before spawning things.
  • First Appear Wave
The wave that the things start spawning in.
  • Max Spawn
The maximum number of pickups that can be spawned by this spot.

Invasion Formula

On any given wave, the number of pickups that will be spawned is determined by this formula:

(Difficulty Modifier ^ Wave Age) * Starting Amount
The difficulty modifier is 2 for I'm too young to die and Hey, not too rough, 1.75 for Hurt me plenty, and 1.6225 for Ultra-Violence and Nightmare!.
Wave age is determined by using the current wave and substracting First Appear Wave (with a minimum of 0).
The starting amount is the value given in the first argument, Start Spawn Number.

The given value is then limited to Max Spawn Number.

See Also

CustomMonsterInvasionSpot - Custom Invasion Spot used for monsters.
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