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Alien entity
Actor type Monster Game MiniStrifeLogoIcon.png (Strife)
DoomEd Number 128 Class Name EntityBoss
Conversation ID 74 Puzzle Item ID N/A

Classes: SpectralMonsterEntityBoss
The One God of the Sigil, the Entity uses all the sigil attacks. Dying while fighting it and recieving the bad ending is relevant to the level it is in, and not the Entity itself. The Entity splits into three sub-entities upon dying.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR EntityBoss : SpectralMonster
  Health 2500
  PainChance 255
  Speed 13
  Radius 130
  Height 200
  FloatSpeed 5
  Mass 1000
  MinMissileChance 150
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Alpha 0.5
  SeeSound "entity/sight"
  AttackSound "entity/melee"
  PainSound "entity/pain"
  DeathSound "entity/death"
  ActiveSound "entity/active"
  Obituary "$OB_ENTITY" // "%o felt the wrath of The One God."

  action native A_EntityAttack();
  action native A_EntityDeath();

    MNAM A 100
    MNAM B 60 Bright
    MNAL A 4 Bright A_Look
    MNAL B 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    Goto Spawn+12
    MNAL AB 4 Bright A_Chase
    MNAL C 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    MNAL DEF 4 Bright A_Chase
    MNAL G 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    MNAL HIJ 4 Bright A_Chase
    MNAL K 4 Bright A_SentinelBob
    MNAL J 4 Bright A_FaceTarget
    MNAL I 4 Bright A_CustomMeleeAttack((random[SpectreMelee](0, 255)&9)*5)
    MNAL C 4 Bright
    Goto See+2
    MNAL F 4 Bright A_FaceTarget
    MNAL I 4 Bright A_EntityAttack
    MNAL E 4 Bright
    Goto See+10
    MNAL J 2 Bright A_Pain
    Goto See+6
    MNAL L 7 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    MNAL M 7 Bright A_Scream
    MNAL NO 7 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    MNAL P 7 Bright A_SpectreChunkLarge
    MNAL Q 64 Bright A_SpectreChunkSmall
    MNAL Q 6 Bright A_EntityDeath