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Health pickup
Actor type Internal Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number None Class Name HealthPickup

Classes: InventoryHealthPickup

HealthPickups are items that are placed in the inventory and give some health when activated. The base class HealthPickup is never used directly. It is always the base class for predefined items (like Heretic's Quartz Flask or for items defined in DECORATE.

The maximum amount of health that can be given with a HealthPickup is the current default maximum health which normally is 100.


HealthPickups use the basic Inventory properties to define their behavior as inventory items. The only new information they require is the amount of health they give. For this they use the standard health actor property.

Additional properties
  • HealthPickup.AutoUse value
Determines whether (and how) the item is set to be automatically used when the player's health drops below a certain point.
The following values are accepted:
0 - Item will never be auto-used.
1 - Item will be automatically used when the player would die from damage taken, but only if the currently-selected skill level has the "autousehealth" flag set. (Like the Quartz Flask from Heretic/Hexen)
2 - Item will be automatically used when the player would die from damage taken, but only if the currently-selected skill level has the "autousehealth" flag set or during a deathmatch game. (Like the Mystic Urn from Heretic/Hexen)
3 - Item is auto-used when the player drops below 50% health; if the player has more than 1 such item, they will continue to be consumed until the player is over 50% health. However, if damage takes the player below 0% health, this will not save them from death. (Like Strife's small health items).


actor MedKit : HealthPickup 7012
  health 25
  inventory.maxamount 15
  inventory.icon "I_MDKT"
  inventory.pickupmessage "You picked up the Medkit."
    MEDK A -1
actor MedPatch : HealthPickup 2011
  health 10
  HealthPickup.Autouse 3
  Inventory.MaxAmount 20
  Inventory.Icon "I_STMP"
  Inventory.PickupMessage "You picked up the Med patch."
    STMP A -1

DECORATE definition

ACTOR HealthPickup : Inventory native