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Iron lich
Actor type Monster Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png (Heretic)
DoomEd Number 6 Class Name IronLich
Spawn ID 20 Identifier T_IRONLICH

Classes: IronLich

An iron lich looks nothing like the traditional fantasy lich: they are gigantic helmeted iron skulls, animated by magic and blasting their targets with elemental attacks. Their native action A_LichAttack will result either in a powerful bite if the target is close enough, or in a spell otherwise: either a whirlwind, a ice ball that explodes into tiny shards, or a column of fireballs.

In Heretic.wad, the sprites are actually named HEAD* and are renamed at load-time by ZDoom.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR Ironlich
  Health 700
  Radius 40
  Height 72
  Mass 325
  Speed 6
  PainChance 32
  SeeSound "ironlich/sight"
  AttackSound "ironlich/attack"
  PainSound "ironlich/pain"
  DeathSound "ironlich/death"
  ActiveSound "ironlich/active"
  Obituary "$OB_IRONLICH"
  HitObituary "$OB_IRONLICHHIT"
  DropItem "BlasterAmmo", 84, 10
  DropItem "ArtiEgg", 51, 0

  action native A_LichAttack();

    LICH A 10 A_Look
    LICH A 4 A_Chase
    LICH A 5 A_FaceTarget
    LICH B 20 A_LichAttack
    Goto See
    LICH A 4
    LICH A 4 A_Pain
    Goto See
    LICH C 7
    LICH D 7 A_Scream
    LICH EF 7
    LICH G 7 A_NoBlocking
    LICH H 7
    LICH I -1 A_BossDeath