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Actor type Monster Game MiniHexenLogoIcon.png (Hexen)
DoomEd Number 10200 Class Name Korax

Classes: Korax

Korax, the middle brother of the three Serpent Riders, is far more powerful than his cadet D'Sparil. Within his castle, he uses the magic of the Chaos Sphere to summon hordes of phantasmal monsters (ettins, centaurs, and chaos serpents) and trigger all sorts of traps against his foe.

Using Korax in a map

Korax, like his brother and the death wyvern, is a monster that should not be used in a map without the proper accommodations. Korax will call several ACS scripts and these scripts require several reserved TIDs:

Korax scripts

This does not explain the exact details of what the scripts do in MAP40 of Hexen.wad, and instead merely overview quickly what type of effects they have so that a modder might provide equivalent scripts that will be activated by Korax.

249: Started by A_KoraxChase when Korax's health is reduced to half its full value. Used by Korax to retreat to safety until all ettins are killed.
250: Randomly started by A_KoraxCommand. Activates a series of spikes.
251: Randomly started by A_KoraxCommand. Temporarily turns the floor to lava and spawns a number of fireballs.
252: Randomly started by A_KoraxCommand. Provokes an earthquake and opens doors to rooms full of chaos serpents and dark bishops.
253: Randomly started by A_KoraxCommand. Temporarily lowers four cross-shaped devices that throw a large number of fireballs.
254: Randomly started by A_KoraxCommand if Korax is severely wounded. Provokes an earthquake and spawns a randomly-chosen phantasmal monster on a randomly-chosen spawn point.
255: Death script started by A_KoraxBonePop. Provokes an earthquake and opens the door to the end of level.
Korax TIDs
245: Korax himself, used by script 249 and as the center point of the earthquake by all control scripts.
248: Initial teleport destination, used by A_KoraxChase when his health is lowered to one half.
249: Secondary teleport destinations, used by A_KoraxChase after the first teleportation

TIDs 250 to 255 are marked as reserved for the same-numbered scripts in the source code, but aren't actually used by the ACS in the map.

DECORATE definition

  Health 5000
  PainChance 20
  Speed 10
  Radius 65
  Height 115
  Mass 2000
  Damage 15
  SeeSound "KoraxSight"
  AttackSound "KoraxAttack"
  PainSound "KoraxPain"
  DeathSound "KoraxDeath"
  ActiveSound "KoraxActive"
  Obituary "$OB_KORAX" // "%o was swept from the board by Korax."

  action native A_KoraxChase();
  action native A_KoraxDecide();
  action native A_KoraxBonePop();
  action native A_KoraxMissile();
  action native A_KoraxCommand();

    KORX A 5 A_Look
    KORX AAA 3 A_KoraxChase
    KORX B 3 A_Chase
    KORX BBB 3 A_KoraxChase
    KORX C 0 A_PlaySound("KoraxStep")
    KORX C 3 A_Chase
    KORX CCC 3 A_KoraxChase
    KORX D 3 A_Chase
    KORX DDD 3 A_KoraxChase
    KORX A 0 A_PlaySound("KoraxStep")
    KORX A 3 A_Chase
    KORX H 5 A_Pain
    KORX H 5
    Goto See
    KORX E 2 Bright A_FaceTarget
    KORX E 5 Bright A_KoraxDecide
    KORX I 5
    KORX J 5 A_FaceTarget
    KORX K 5 A_Scream
    KORX Q 10
    KORX R 5 A_KoraxBonePop
    KORX S 5 A_NoBlocking
    KORX TU 5
    KORX V -1
    KORX E 4 Bright A_FaceTarget
    KORX F 8 Bright A_KoraxMissile
    KORX E 8 Bright
    Goto See
    KORX E 5 Bright A_FaceTarget
    KORX W 10 Bright A_FaceTarget
    KORX G 15 Bright A_KoraxCommand
    KORX W 10 Bright
    KORX E 5 Bright
    Goto See