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Huge firemace sphere
Actor type Explosive Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number None Class Name MaceFX4
Spawn ID 153 Identifier T_DEATHBALL

Classes: MaceFX4

The slow and enormous projectile from the powered-up firemace. On any target that isn't protected by either the BOSS or the DONTSQUASH flag or by being a teammate, it actually deals 1000000 damage. If a target escapes thanks to the auto-use of a chaos device or has the INVULNERABLE flag, it deals no damage.

This sphere will bounce forever until it hits a wall or a solid target. On OpenGL source ports, it is possible to aim straight up, so that it may never stop bouncing. However, the sphere will automatically move towards the first possible target it finds withing 640 map units. (The sphere detects by looking whether it can collide with something in any direction, starting with an angle of 0 degree ("east") and increasing counterclockwise by steps of 22.5 degrees. As long as the target isn't dead, it will continue to home in, seeking a new target if the current one dies before it reached it.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR MaceFX4 native
  Radius 8
  Height 6
  Speed 7
  Damage 18
  Gravity 0.125
  BounceType "HereticCompat"
  SeeSound ""
  Obituary "$OB_MPPMACE"

  action native A_DeathBallImpact();

    FX02 E 99
    FX02 C 4 A_DeathBallImpact
    FX02 GHIJ 4 Bright