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Firemace spawn point
Actor type Map spot Game MiniHereticLogoIcon.png (Heretic)
DoomEd Number 2002 Class Name MaceSpawner

Classes: SpecialSpotMaceSpawner

Heretic's firemace is not supposed to be placed directly on a map. Instead, it has a 75% chance of appearing at one of the firemace spawn points placed on a map. In deathmatch, the firemace will always appear, but there will still be only one on the map. When weapons respawn, the firemace will reappear at a new spawn point.

This odd behavior is probably explained by the firemace's power when used with the tome of power, as its powered-up projectiles provoke instant death in any non-boss enemy.

DECORATE definition

ACTOR MaceSpawner : SpecialSpot
    TNT1 A 1
    TNT1 A -1 A_SpawnSingleItem("Mace", 64, 64, 0)