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Health regeneration power
Actor type Power Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number None Class Name PowerRegeneration

Classes: InventoryPowerupPowerRegeneration

PowerRegeneration is an internal class. An item of this class is placed in the player's inventory while regenerating. This powerup regenerates 5 health (this can be customized through the Powerup.Strength property) of the player every second up to the normal max health of the playerclass until the powerup has expired. Each time health increases due to the powerup's effect, the *regenerate player sound is played on the item channel.

Like all other Powerups items of this class are never used directly. Instead you have to create a new item that inherits from PowerupGiver to give it to the player.


This defines ZDoom's Regeneration item and is an example for an item that is put in the inventory:

actor Regen : PowerupGiver
 inventory.pickupmessage "Regeneration!!"
 inventory.icon "MEGAA0"
 powerup.color gold 0.25
 inventory.maxamount 0
 inventory.usesound "pickups/slowmo"
 powerup.type "Regeneration"
 powerup.duration 1000
 translation "128:143=64:79"
   MEGA ABCD 4 bright

DECORATE definition

ACTOR PowerRegeneration : Powerup native
  Powerup.Duration -120
  Powerup.Strength 5