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Center Warning: The following classes are Skulltag specific and are not included in ZDoom!
To see all of Skulltag's specific features see Skulltag features

This is a list of the default classes available in Skulltag. For classes from other games, see the main article. See also the actor category for Skulltag classes.



Abaddon                    // Abaddon (Very strong Cacodemon)
Belphegor                  // Belphegor (Extra strong Baron of Hell)
BloodDemon                 // Blood Demon (Extra strong Demon)
Cacolantern                // Cacolantern (Extra strong Cacodemon)
DarkImp                    // DarkImp (Extra Strong Imp)
Hectebus                   // Hectebus (Extra Strong Mancubus)
SuperShotgunGuy            // Super Shotgun Guy (SuperShotgun wielding zombie)


AbaddonBall                // Abaddon Ball
BelphegorBall              // Belphegor Ball
BFG10kShot                 // BFG10k Puff
CacolanternBall            // Cacolantern Ball
DarkImpBall                // Dark Imp Ball
HectShot                   // Hectebus Fireball



BFG10K                     // BFG10k
GrenadeLauncher            // Grenade Launcher
Minigun                    // Minigun
Railgun                    // Railgun


HasteRune                  // Haste (2x speed boost)
HighJumpRune               // High Jump (Doubles jump height)
ReflectionRune             // Reflection (Deals damage back to attacker)
ProsperityRune             // Prosperity (All health and armor items add up past 100%)
RengenerationRune          // Regeneration (Slowly regenerates health)
ResistanceRune             // Resistance (Halves the damage done to the player)
SpreadRune                 // Spread (Triples the amount of projectiles/bullets/rails shot from weapons)
DrainRune                  // Drain (Drains half the damage you inflict on other monsters/players)
RageRune                   // Rage (Doubles the rate of fire from weapons)
StrengthRune               // Strength (Doubles the damage of your weapons)


DoomSphere                 // Doom Sphere (Quadruples damage delt by your weapons)
GuardSphere                // Guard Sphere (Quarters damage done to you)
InvisibilitySphere         // Invisibility Sphere (Makes you invisible, more than BlurSphere)
MaxArmorBonus              // Max Armor Bonus (Increases maximum armor)
MaxHealthBonus             // Max Health Bonus (Increases maximum health)
RandomPowerup              // Random Powerup (A sphere which gives you a random Powerup)
RedArmor                   // Red Armor (Protects against lava and explosives)
TimeFreezeSphere           // Time Freeze (Freezes all actors except friendly players)
TurboSphere                // Turbo Sphere (Quadruples the player's speed)







DeadCyberdemon             // Cyberdemon Corpse


ImpalingSpike              // Impaling Spike
ImpalingSpike2             // Chaingunner Head
ImpalingSpike3             // Zombieman Head
ImpalingSpike4             // Doomguy Head
ImpalingSpike5             // 3 Doomguy Heads
ImpalingSpike6             // 3 Doomguy Heads, Short
ImpalingSpike7             // Doomguy torso, one arm)
ImpalingSpike8             // Doomguy torso, two arms
ImpalingSpike9             // Doomguy skewered, twitching
ImpalingSpike10            // Doomguy skewered, long arm
ImpalingSpike11            // Doomguy skewered, short arm
ImpHead                    // Imp head
MarineHelmetGibs           // Gibs with marine helmet
RevenantHand               // Revenant hand


ArchvileStatue             // Statue of an Arch-Vile
BaronStatue                // Statue of a Baron of Hell
CyberdemonStatue           // Statue of a Cyberdemon
DemonStatue                // Statue of a Demon
ImpStatue                  // Status of an Imp
MassmouthStatue            // Statue of Massmouth


Hissy                      // Hissy (Rotates to face the player)
Impse                      // Impse

Game Mode Actors

PossessionStone            // Possession Stone
Terminator                 // Terminator Sphere

Score Pillars

HellScorePillar            // Hell Score Pillar


BlueSkullST                // Blue Skull for Skulltag game mode
hereticblueskull           // Skull pickup for heretic compatibility 
hereticredskull            // Skull pickup for heretic compatibility
RedSkullST                 // Red Skull for Skulltag game mode


BlueFlag                   // Blue Flag for CTF
RedFlag                    // Red Flag for CTF
WhiteFlag                  // White Flag for One Flag CTF

Invasion Actors

Monster Spawners

Doom Monster Spawners

AbaddonSpot                // Abaddon spawn spot
ArachnotronSpot            // Arachnotron spawn spot
ArchvileSpot               // Archvile spawn spot
BaronOfHellSpot            // Baron of Hell spawn spot
BelphegorSpot              // Belphegor spawn spot
CacodemonSpot              // Cacodemon spawn spot
CacolaternSpot             // Cacolantern spawn spot
CyberdemonSpot             // CyberDemon spawn spot
DarkImpSpot                // Dark Imp spawn spot
DemonSpot                  // Demon spawn spot
FatsoSpot                  // Mancubus spawn spot
HectebusSpot               // Hectebus spawn spot
HellKnightSpot             // Hell Knight spawn spot
ImpSpot                    // Imp spawn spot
LostSoulSpot               // Lost soul spawn spot
PainElementalSpot          // Pain Elemental spawn spot
ReventantSpot              // Revenant spawn spot
SpiderMastermindSpot       // Spider Mastermind spawn spot
WolfensteinSSSpot          // SS Nazi spawn spot

Heretic Monster Spawners

BeastSpot                  // Weredragon spawn spot
ChickenSpot                // Chicken spawn spot
ClinkSpot                  // Sabreclaw spawn spot
HereticImpLeaderSpot       // Fire gargoyle spawn spot
HereticImpSpot             // Gargoyle spawn spot
IronLichSpot               // Iron lich spawn spot
KnightGhostSpot            // Ghost warrior spawn spot
KnightSpot                 // Undead warrior spawn spot
MinotaurSpot               // Maulotaur spawn spot
MummyGhostSpot             // Ghost golem spawn spot
MummyLeaderGhostSpot       // Ghost nitrogolem spot
MummyLeaderSpot            // Nitrogolem spawn spot
MummySpot                  // Golem spawn spot
SnakeSpot                  // Ophidian spawn spot
Sorcerer1Spot              // D'Sparil with serpent spawn spot
Sorcerer2Spot              // D'Sparil sans serpent spawn spot
WizardSpot                 // Disciple of D'Sparil spawn spot

Hexen Monster Spawners

AfritSpot                  // Afrit spawn spot
BishopSpot                 // Dark Bishop spawn spot
BossClericTraductusSpot    // Cleric boss Traductus spawn spot
BossFighterZedekSpot       // Fighter boss Zedek spawn spot
BossMageMenelkirSpot       // Mage boss Menelkir spawn spot
CentaurGhostSpot           // Ghost centaur spawn spot
CentaurSlaughtaurSpot      // Slaughtaur spawn spot
CentaurSpot                // Centaur spawn spot
ChaosSerpentBrownGhostSpot // Ghost brown chaos serpent spawn spot
ChaosSerpentBrownSpot      // Brown chaos serpent spawn spot
ChaosSerpentGreenGhostSpot // Ghost green chaos serpent spawn spot
ChaosSerpentGreenSpot      // Green chaos serpent spawn spot
EttinGhostSpot             // Ghost ettin spawn spot
EttinSpot                  // Ettin spawn spot
HeresiarchSpot             // Heresiarch spawn spot
KoraxSpot                  // Korax spawn spot (remember Korax needs some map scripts to work correctly)
MinotaurFriendSpot         // Dark servant spawn spot (ally!)
PigSpot                    // Pig spawn spot
ReiverWraithSpot           // Reiver spawn spot
SwampStalkerLeaderSpot     // Swamp stalker leader spawn spot, should only be placed on appropriate terrain
SwampStalkerSpot           // Swamp stalker spawn spot, should only be placed on appropriate terrain
WendigoSpot                // Wendigo spawn spot
Note: There are no spawn spots for the Death Wyvern as this monster needs to be passed
      down special parameters to work, and the invasion spawners cannot do this.

Health Spawners

Doom Health Spawners

HealthBonusSpot            // Health Bonus spawn spot
MaxHealthBonusSpot         // Max Health Bonus spawn spot
MedikitSpot                // Medikit spawn spot
StimpackSpot               // Stimpack spawn spot

Raven Health Spawners

CrystalVialSpot            // Crystal vial spawn spot

Armor Spawners

Doom Armor Spawners

ArmorBonusSpot             // Armor Bonus spawn spot
BlueArmorSpot              // Mega Armor spawn spot
GreenArmorSpot             // Green Armor spawn spot
MaxArmorBonusSpot          // Max Armor Bonus spawn spot
RedArmorSpot               // Red Armor spawn spot

Heretic Armor Spawners

EnchantedShieldSpot        // Enchanted shield spawn spot
SilverShieldSpot           // Silver shield spawn spot

Hexen Armor Spawners

ArmorAmuletOfWardingSpot   // Amulet of warding spawn spot
ArmorFalconShieldSpot      // Falcon shield spawn spot
ArmorMeshArmorSpot         // Mesh armor spawn spot
ArmorPlatinumHelmSpot      // Platinum helm spawn spot

Powerup Spawners

BerserkSpot                // Berserk Pack spawn spot
BlurSphereSpot             // Blur Sphere spawn spot
DoomsphereSpot             // Doom Sphere spawn spot
GuardsphereSpot            // Guard Sphere spawn spot
InvisibilitySphereSpot     // Invisibility Sphere spawn spot
InvulnerabilitySphereSpot  // Invunerability Sphere spawn spot
MegasphereSpot             // Mega Sphere spawn spot
RandomPowerupSpot          // Random Powerup sphere spawn spot (Spawns the "RandomPowerup" class)
SoulsphereSpot             // Soul Sphere spawn spot
TimeFreezeSphereSpot       // Time Freeze Sphere spawn spot
TurbosphereSpot            // Turbo Sphere spawn spot

Artifact Spawners

Raven Artifact Spawners

ArtiFlySpot                // Wings of wrath spawn spot
ArtiHealthSpot             // Quartz flask spawn spot
ArtiInvulnerabilitySpot    // Ring of invicibility/Icon of the Defender spawn spot
ArtiSuperHealthSpot        // Mystic urn spawn spot
ArtiTeleportSpot           // Chaos device spawn spot
ArtiTorchSpot              // Torch spawn spot

Heretic Artifact Spawners

ArtiEggSpot                // Morph Ovum spawn spot
ArtiInvisibilitySpot       // Shadowsphere spawn spot
ArtiTimeBombSpot           // Timebomb of the Ancients spawn spot
ArtiTomeOfPowerSpot        // Tome of Power spawn spot

Hexen Artifact Spawners

ArtiDiscOfRepulsionSpot    // Disc of Repulsion spawn spot
ArtiDragonSkinBracersSpot  // Dragonskin bracers spawn spot
ArtiKraterOfMightSpot      // Krater of Might spawn spot
ArtiDarkServantSpot        // Dark Servant Summoner spawn spot
ArtiMysticAmbitIncantSpot  // Mystic Ambit Incant spawn spot
ArtiFlechetteSpot          // Fléchette spawn spot
ArtiFlechetteBlastSpot     // Mage-style fléchette spawn spot
ArtiFlechetteGrenadeSpot   // Fighter-style fléchette spawn spot
ArtiFlechettePoisonSpot    // Cleric-style fléchette spawn spot
ArtiPorkelatorSpot         // Porkalator spawn spot
ArtiBootOfSpeedSpot        // Boots of Speed spawn spot
ArtiBanishmentDeviceSpot   // Banishment device spawn spot

Rune Spawners

DrainRuneSpot           // Drain Rune spawn spot
HasteRuneSpot           // Haste Rune spawn spot
HighJumpRuneSpot        // High Jump Rune spawn spot
ProsperityRuneSpot      // Prosperity Rune spawn spot
RageRuneSpot            // Rage Rune spawn spot
ReflectionRuneSpot      // Reflection Rune spawn spot
RegenerationRuneSpot    // Regeneration Rune spawn spot
ResistanceRuneSpot      // Resistance Rune spawn spot
SpreadRuneSpot          // Spread Rune spawn spot
StrengthRuneSpot        // Strength Rune spawn spot

Ammo Spawners

Doom Ammo Spawners

BackpackSpot               // Backpack spawn spot
CellPackSpot               // Cell Pack spawn spot
CellSpot                   // Small Cell spawn spot
ClipBoxSpot                // Clip Box spawn spot
ClipSpot                   // Ammo Clip spawn spot
RocketAmmoSpot             // Rocket spawn spot
RocketBoxSpot              // Box of Rockets spawn spot
ShellBoxSpot               // Box of Shells spawn spot
ShellSpot                  // 4 Shells spawn spot

Heretic Ammo Spawners

BagOfHoldingSpot           // Bag of holding spawn spot
BlasterAmmoSpot            // Claw orb spawn spot
BlasterHeftySpot           // Energy orb spawn spot
CrossbowAmmoSpot           // Ethereal arrows spawn spot
CrossbowHeftySpot          // Quiver of Ethereal arrows spawn spot
GoldWandAmmoSpot           // Wand crystal spawn spot
GoldWandHeftySpot          // Wand geode spawn spot
MaceAmmoSpot               // Mace spheres spawn spot
MaceHeftySpot              // Pile of mace spheres spawn spot
PhoenixRodAmmoSpot         // Flame orb spawn spot
PhoenixRodHeftySpot        // Inferno orb spawn spot
SkullRodAmmoSpot           // Lesser runes spawn spot
SkullRodHeftySpot          // Greater runes spawn spot

Hexen Ammo Spawners

BlueManaSpot               // Blue mana spawn spot
CombinedManaSpot           // Combined mana spawn spot
GreenManaSpot              // Green mana spawn spot

Weapon Spawners

Doom Weapon Spawners

BFG10KSpot                 // BFG10K spawn spot
BFG9000Spot                // BFG9000 spawn spot
ChaingunSpot               // Chaingun spawn spot
ChainsawSpot               // Chainsaw spawn spot
GrenadeLauncherSpot        // Grenade Launcher spawn spot
MinigunSpot                // Minigun spawn spot
PlasmaRifleSpot            // Plasma Rifle spawn spot
RailgunSpot                // Railgun spawn spot
RocketLauncherSpot         // Rocket Launcher spawn spot
ShotgunSpot                // Shotgun spawn spot
SuperShotgunSpot           // SuperShotgun spawn spot

Heretic Weapon Spawners

BlasterSpot                // Dragon claw spawn spot
CrossbowSpot               // Ethereal crossbow spawn spot
GauntletsSpot              // Gauntlets of the necromancer spawn spot
MaceSpot                   // Firemace spawn spot
PhoenixRodSpot             // Phoenix rod spawn spot
SkullRodSpot               // Hellstaff spawn spot

Hexen Weapon Spawners

ArcOfDeathSpot             // Arc of death (Mage 3) spawn spot
FirestormSpot              // Firestorm (Cleric 3) spawn spot
FrostShardsSpot            // Frost shards (Mage 2) spawn spot
HammerSpot                 // Hammer of Retribution (Fighter 3) spawn spot
SerpentStaffSpot           // Serpent staff (Cleric 2) spawn spot
TimonsAxeSpot              // Timon's axe (Fighter 2) spawn spot
WeaponPieceCleric1Spot     // First part of Wraithverge (Cleric 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceCleric2Spot     // Second part of Wraithverge (Cleric 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceCleric3Spot     // Third part of Wraithverge (Cleric 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceFighter1Spot    // First part of Quietus (Fighter 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceFighter2Spot    // Second part of Quietus (Fighter 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceFighter3Spot    // Third part of Quietus (Fighter 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceMage1Spot       // First part of Bloodscourge (Mage 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceMage2Spot       // Second part of Bloodscourge (Mage 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceMage3Spot       // Third part of Bloodscourge (Mage 4) spawn spot

Random Spawners

Doom Random Spawners

AnyMonsterSpot             // Any Doom and Skulltag monster spawn spot (Including Cyberdemon and SpiderMastermind)
PowerfulMonsterSpot        // ChaingunGuy, SSGGuy, Cacodemon, Cacolantern, Revenant, HellKnight, Baron, 
                           // Arachnotron, Mancubus and Pain Elemental spawn spot
RandomBoxAmmoSpot          // Clip box, Shell box, Rocket box and Cell pack spawn spot
RandomClipAmmoSpot         // Clip, 4 Shells, Rocket and Small Cell spawn spot
VeryPowerfulMonsterSpot    // Abbaddon, Hectebus, Belphegor and Archvile spawn spot
WeakMonsterSpot            // Zombieman, ShotgunGuy, DoomImp, DarkImp, Demon, BloodDemon and Lost Soul spawn spot

Heretic Random Spawners

HereticGhostSpot           // Ghost golem, ghost nitrogolem and ghost warrior spawn spot
HereticMonsterSpot         // Any heretic monster (except D'Sparil, Maulotaur, and Chicken) spawn spot
HereticMookSpot            // Gargoyle, fire gargoyle, golem, ghost golem, nitrogolem and undead warrior spawn spot
HereticToughSpot           // Disciple, ghost nitrogolem, ghost warrior, iron lich, ophidian, sabreclaw, and weredragon spawn spot
RandomHereticArtifactSpot  // Chaos device, crystal vial, morph ovum, mystic urn, quartz flask, ring of invincibility, 
                           // shadowsphere, time bomb, tome of power, torch and wings of wrath spawn spot

Hexen Random Spawners

ArtiFlechetteRandomSpot    // Random fléchette (1/2 class-appropriate, 1/4 either other) spawn spot
BlueManaWeaponSpot         // Frost shards, serpent staff and Timon's axe spawn spot
ClericWeaponSpot           // Cleric weapon (serpent staff and firestom) spawn spot
FighterWeaponSpot          // Fighter weapon (Timon's axe and hammer of retribution) spawn spot
GreenManaWeaponSpot        // Arc of death, firestorm and hammer of retribution spawn spot
HexenBossSpot              // Menelkir, Traductus or Zedek spawn spot
HexenMashSpot              // Ghost centaur, both ghost chaos serpent, and ghost ettin spawn spot
HexenMonsterSpot           // Afrit, centaur, both chaos serpent, dark bishop, ettin, reiver, slaughtaur and wendigo spawn spot
HexenMookSpot              // Afrit, centaur, ettin and wendigo spawn spot
HexenToughSpot             // Brown and green chaos serpent, dark bishop, reiver and slaughtaur spawn spot
MageWeaponSpot             // Mage weapon (frost shards and arc of death) spawn spot
RandomHexenArtifactSpot    // Banishment device, boots of speed, chaos device, crystal vial, dark servant summoner, 
                           // disc of repulsion, dragonskin bracers, fléchette, icon of the defender, krater of might, 
                           // mystic ambit incant, mystic urn, porkelator, quartz flask, torch and wings of wrath spawn spot
WeaponPieceClericSpot      // All three pieces from Wraithverge (Cleric 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceFighterSpot     // All three pieces from Quietus (Fighter 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceMageSpot        // All three pieces from Bloodscourge (Mage 4) spawn spot
WeaponPieceRandomSpot      // All nine pieces of all three ultimate weapons spawn spot


ReturnZone                 // Makes the sector a return zone (flags and skulls in this sector return to their spawn spot).
SpringPadZone              // Makes the sector a spring pad.

Base Actors

CustomMonsterInvasionSpot  // Class base for custom Monster Invasion Spawn spots
CustomPickupInvasionSpot   // Class base for custom Pickup Invasion Spawn spots
Flag                       // Base class for CTF-gamemode flags
RuneGiver                  // As PowerupGiver but for runes
Skull                      // Base class for Skulltag-gamemode skulls