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Note: Wait! Stop! Before you copy this actor's definition into your mod, remember the following things:
  1. You do not need to copy that actor, since it is already defined.
  2. In fact, it's not just useless, it's actually harmful as it can cause problems.
  3. If you want to modify it, or use a modified version, using inheritance is the way to go.
  4. The actor definitions here are put on the wiki for reference purpose only. Learn from them, don't copy them.
  5. There is only one exception: if what you want is changing Ammo capacity, you need to create a new type from Ammo.
Stealth Zombie
Actor type Monster Game MiniDoomLogoIcon.png
DoomEd Number 9061 Class Name StealthZombieMan
Spawn ID 102 Identifier T_STEALTHZOMBIE

Classes: ZombieManStealthZombieMan

A stealth version of zombie man.

ZScript definition

Note: The ZScript definition below is for reference and may be different in the current version of GZDoom.The most up-to-date version of this code can be found here.
class StealthZombieMan : ZombieMan
		RenderStyle "Translucent";
		Alpha 0;

DECORATE definition

Note: This is legacy code, kept here for reference only. DECORATE is still supported but no longer used by GZDoom. GZDoom internally uses the ZScript definition above.
ACTOR StealthZombieMan : ZombieMan
  RenderStyle Translucent
  Alpha 0