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Nuvolabomb.png Warning: The feature described on this page has been deprecated, and will no longer be supported or updated by the GZDoom developers. While some functionality may be retained for the purposes of backwards-compatibility, authors are strongly discouraged from utilizing this feature in future projects. Compatibility with future GZDoom versions is not guaranteed.

Note: Wait! Stop! Before you copy this actor's definition into your mod, remember the following things:
  1. You do NOT need to copy that actor, since it is already defined.
  2. In fact, it's not just useless, it will cause problems.
  3. If you want to modify it, or use a modified version, using inheritance is the way to go.
  4. The actor definitions here are put on the wiki for reference purpose only. Learn from them, don't copy them.
Upper stack thing
Actor type Map spot Game MiniZDoomLogoIcon.png (ZDoom)
DoomEd Number 9077 Class Name UpperStackLookOnly

Classes: SkyViewpointStackPointUpperStackLookOnly

The upper stack thing is used to make stacked sectors. It goes into the upper stack sector. It takes one argument, the opacity of sector: 0 is invisible, 255 is fully opaque. It is to be used with a LowerStackLookOnly with the same TID, and both sectors should have the same shape and size.

Thing based sector stacks should no longer be used. A more robust method to define them exists with Sector_SetPortal

DECORATE definition

ACTOR UpperStackLookOnly : StackPoint {}