Claws of the Enraged Beast

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Claws of the Enraged Beast
Author Phobus
Port ZDoom
IWAD MiniDoom2LogoIcon.png
Status Released
Link Download from Phobus's site


The TITLEPIC, showing how Slaughter! mode earnt its name

Scars of the Wounded Prey has been Phobus' hardest released project for quite a while on the hardest difficulty. Consequently, he felt it needed one-upping, and with Claws of the Enraged Beast, this has been acheived. A more lethal level, combined with improved visuals, more non-linearity and an overall better quality combine to create a map that can be played through in a variety of different ways, in two very different difficulty modes and either alone or with a friend.

Gameplay is either a massive slaughter with limited but adequete supplies, or a well stocked series of battles against lower numbers of generally tougher foes - either way, there are approximately three main different routes to the main objective and then on to the exit, and a variety of weapon layouts depending on the route taken. Various optional areas and secrets increase non-linearity and replayability - likewise, trying to speed run the map will also provide new challenges.


  • 1 large, non-linear map
  • Mid-level usage of ZDoom features (accentuate, rather than dominate)
  • THE hardest gameplay Phobus has ever implemented on the harder of the two difficulties
  • Very high attention to detail, aesthetics and texturing (attempted "essel-standard")
  • TITLEPIC and low-quality version of Team17's StuntGP Soundtrack Track 8

Suitable for single play and 2 player co-op.

Made with:

Doom Builder, XWE, MSPaint, Sound Recorder

More info can be found on Phobus' webpage for Claws of the Enraged Beast, linked below.

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