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void ClearActorInventory(int tid);


This function will clear the specified actor's inventory in a similar fashion to ClearInventory.

Note: This will not remove an inventory item or weapon that is flagged with the INVENTORY.UNDROPPABLE flag. An explicit call to TakeActorInventory is required to remove such items.


This could be a very nasty piece of code if implemented into a deathmatch level. Every minute a player will be picked at random and stripped of their inventory.

#define NUM_PLAYERS     8
#define PLAYER_BASE_TID 1000
#define CLEAR_INTERVAL  2100 // 1 minute

script 1 ENTER
    Thing_ChangeTID(0, PLAYER_BASE_TID + PlayerNumber());

script 2 OPEN
    int p;

    while (TRUE)

        do {

            p = random(0, NUM_PLAYERS-1);

        } until (PlayerInGame(p));

	ClearActorInventory(PLAYER_BASE_TID + p);

        HudMessageBold(n:p+1, s:" is begging for a quick death!";
            HUDMSG_FADEOUT, 1, CR_RED, 0.5, 0.5, 3.0, 1.0);

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