Creating new inventory items

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Inventory items are special actors that can be picked up and/or placed into a player's or monster's inventory.

To define an inventory item you have to inherit from one of the predefined inventory classes:

  • Inventory - used for items without special function.
  • PowerupGiver - used for items that give a special powerup to the player
  • Health - used for items that immediately increase the player's health
  • HealthPickup - used for items that are placed in the inventory and give health when being used.
  • BasicArmorPickup - used for armor items
  • BasicArmorBonus - used for items that increase the amount of armor
  • Ammo - used for ammunition items
  • Weapon - used for weapons
  • Key - used for keys
  • PuzzleItem - used for Puzzle items.
  • WeaponPiece - used for weapon pieces. These are used to create weapons that have to be put together from more than one item.
  • MapRevealer - used to give the player the automap
  • Backpack - used to increase the player's ammo carrying capacity.
  • CustomInventory - used to define items with simple DECORATE based behavior.
  • FakeInventory - used to replicate simple pickups like the ones defined with the old DECORATE definitions.