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The DEHEXTRA standard, also known as DeHackEd Extended or DeHackEd Extra, is a extension standard for DeHackEd patches first introduced in the Doom Retro source port. It provides a significant increase in the number of things and sprites that can be utilized, in addition to the inclusion of 2,910 new states or codepointers. These can be utilized for new map object types, new non-replacing monsters and decorations, or to add additional frames to existing things for smoother animations. The additional objects are called MT_EXTRA in Doom Retro.

GZDoom provides support for the standard. The WhackEd editor provides support for DEHEXTRA features through the Doom Retro configuration parameter.


  • 2,910 additional states/codepointers (numbered 1,089 to 3,999)
  • 100 additional things (numbered 150 to 249)
  • 100 additional sprites (numbered 145 to 244)

The following additional entries are supported in THING blocks:

Entry Description
Gib health -
Dropped item -
Pickup width -
Project pass height -
Fullbright -


DEHEXTRA has been utilized in the following mods:

  • Black Ops: Smooth animated weapons using the new additional states for improved animation, with Doomguy wearing black gloves.
  • SMOOTHED: Smooth animated beastiary utilizing code from the Smooth Doom project.

Both mods can be used together to provide a more streamlined Doom experience in terms of animation.


  • Unlike DECORATE or ZScript, DEHEXTRA is not to be considered a lump, as it should be thought of as more of an extension to DeHackEd.

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